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LPG Boat gas safety checks

An boat gas safety inspection and test involves a visual inspection of gas installation- flexible hoses, pipework, pipe unions, fittings, and appliances to check identify any corrosion or defects, a check of the gas locker to ensure it will drain safely overboard, and a pressure test to ensure no leaks and demonstrate soundness of system.

Any appliances are lit to ensure they are working correctly and our gas safety certificate is issued, along with recommendations to bring the system up to best practice if appropriate. A wide range of parts are carried so any faulty parts can be replaced on the same visit if requested.

boat gas appliance servicing

I can service your boat gas appliances including central heating boilers, water heaters and cookers which should be done at least once per year. This can reduce the risk of a costly breakdown in the future and will ensure that the system is working efficiently and safely.

A boiler service includes:

  • A full visual check of the LPG tank
  • Checking the supply line to the tank
  • Checking the air supply – both for combustion and to ensure adequate ventilation
  • Checking the outside flue
  • An electrical safety check
  • A Heat exchange check
  • Appliance safety check
  • Cleaning the burner
  • Re-assembly and testing to GAS SAFE requirements

Cookers often suffer from corrosion, particularly in a marine environment resulting in common issues such as poor/yellow flames causing sooting and carbon monoxide emission, seized cooker control valves and burners not staying lit due to thermocouple failure.

Parts are available for most makes of marine cooker making servicing a viable option and in many instances replacing detective parts can be done at a faction of the cost of a new cooker. Often the cooker does not have to be removed from the vessel and common parts are carried in stock.

boat gas appliance installations

I can supply and fit new gas appliances for your boat.

Depending on your requirements installations may include a combination of the following:

  • Single or multiple bottle systems with changeover valve.
  • Propane, Butane or multi fuel regulators, bottle or bulkhead mounted
  • Different bottle type adapters
  • Gas locker
  • Electrical isolation solenoid to allow remote shut off of gas supply at the bottle
  • Copper pipework, fittings and flexible hoses
  • Gas alarm
  • Appliances

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