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why should i consider a central heating powerflush?

As your central heating system and boiler get older, rust and other sludge can form within the radiators, pipework and the boiler itself. This can have quite an effect on the efficiency of your central heating system and stop your radiators from heating your house properly.

This in turn means that not only does your house take longer to get warm but also your heating costs increase because your boiler needs to be on for longer and work harder to do it's job.

A central heating Powerflush cleans out your entire central heating system including the radiators, pipes and boiler to remove all of the rust, sludge and debris and so allow your central heating system to work efficiently again.

At the same time as your centrsl heating Powerflush, we can also install a unit called a Magnaclean that will stop your system from rusting or sludging up again in the future.

Central heating Powerflush Burton on Trent, Swadlincote and Derby

when do i need a central heating powerflush?

Here are a few of the signs to look out for that can indicate that you have rust, sludge and corrosion in your system and that a Powerflush would be beneficial to you...

  • Your radiators take longer to warm up than they used to.
  • Even when your central heating has been on for some time, there are cooler areas at the bottom of your radiators.
  • Your radiators are still cold when the pipes are hot.
  • No water escapes when you bleed your radiators.
  • Your boiler is becoming more noisy.
Powerflush Swadlincote

how much does a central heating powerflush cost?

At Alan Lowe Heating Services we'd be very happy to carry out your central heating Powerflush in Burton on Trent, Swadlincote and Derby areas.

The cost would somewhat depend on the size of your central heating system and the work required, but is usually from £350 for the Powerflush only, or from £450 for the Powerflush plus supply and installation of the Magnaclean unit to keep your system clean in the future.

If you wish, we can also combine your Powerflush with an annual Boiler Service.

For a free, no obligation quote for a central heating Powerflush for your system, call me on 07487849022 and I will be happy to make an appointment for you.

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